When we begin a new product design, we take into account the entire lifecycle of the product from the birth of a concept, through design, manufacturing, utilization of the product and finally to the disposal or recycling of the product. We consider how best to achieve innovation and market demand for it all while  lessening the environmental impact of the product. We focus on collaborative thinking to achieve the highest level of creativity as possible. We successfully merge science and technology with society and nature in order to create products that are practical, useful, beautiful and meet the demands of consumers. We start by listening to our customers to learn what it is they want to produce.  Then we propose creative solutions that will fulfill the needs of consumers as well as ensure market share for our customers. We offer only the newest technology for unique products and never sacrifice function. Further capabilities include product troubleshooting, market analysis, mock-up samples (tooled and handmade) and much more. We own over 500 Global Patents and Patents Pending in a variety of technologies including:

Electronic/Flameless candles

LED lighting technology

Electromagnetic technology

Wireless technology

Solar technology and more

Using Technology to Develop Solutions. While respecting the laws of nature and utilizing the discoveries of science, our understanding of technology can be demonstrated in our 500 patents and internationally adopted products. Whether it’s developing wireless systems, illuminating spaces with LED’s or designing solar powered components, Liown integrates smart solutions into every product engineered. In all we do, we strive to introduce systems of technology that develop into welcome solutions for our customers.