Federal Appeals Court Rules Against Luminara: Liown May Sell its Patented Moving Flame TM Candle Without Limitation

Minneapolis, MN – December 22, 2015. Less than 24 hours after oral arguments, the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled against Luminara Worldwide LLC and in favor of Liown Electronics Co. Ltd., vacating a preliminary injunction that had prohibited sales by Liown of its own patented Moving FlameTM flameless candles to certain customers.

“We are very pleased with this unusually quick decision by the Federal Circuit. It means that we can immediately resume selling our Moving FlameTM candles without limitation to any customer,” said Liown CEO Johnny Yang. “And, importantly, it validates what we have argued all along – that a preliminary injunction against Liown was never appropriate.”

Following the Federal Circuit’s ruling in favor of Liown, Luminara filed a Motion to Clarify the Court’s Order Vacating the Preliminary Injunction. In less than 24 hours after the motion was filed, and before Liown could even file papers in response, the Federal Circuit denied Luminara’s motion.

While an opinion elaborating on the reasons for the Federal Circuit’s decision should come in a matter of weeks or months, this reversal immediately lifts any restriction on Liown’s Moving FlameTM sales. Customers will benefit from this ruling because they now have more options and are in full control of their buying choices. No longer limited to only Luminara products, the marketplace now has full access to Liown’s Moving FlameTM candles that are made with highest-quality materials and offer superior aesthetic.

Protected by Liown’s own patents, no other company in the world has the legal right to manufacture, market and sell Liown’s patented Moving FlameTM flameless candle technology. The flameless candles are distributed by The Light Garden (Avalon CandleTM Collection), GKI/Bethlehem Lights (TorchiérTM Candles) and RAZ Imports (Moving FlameTM Candle Collection). Liown_Moving_Flame_12.22.15