Accent Lighting

Through Liown’s partnership with Energizer we have created a collection of accent lighting that combines the most innovative technology with reliability, efficiency and beauty. The sophisticated design of our lights provides family-friendly illumination with energy-saving features to create the light you need in every room of your home.

Ambiana Desk Light

Your workspace can be beautiful with inspired lighting. This lamp received the 2012 IHA Innovation Award for the Home Decor and Gift Category.

The curved form and pure LED brilliance provides the light you need right at your fingertips.

Ambiana Accent Light

The artistic form of this light makes it beautiful even when it’s not illuminated. And when you do want it on?

Simply touch the top of the light and adjust the intensity by gently sweeping your finger around the rim.

Edge Accent Light

Experience the stunning effect of light brought to life through stylish panels. Innovative touch controls allow you to create the ambience of your room.

A simple touch at the base of the panels turns the light on and off, or hold continuously to dim and brighten.

Edge Flameless Candle Holder

Enjoy the flickering effect of a candle with the latest LED technology. This flameless candle combines the candle and holder to create beautiful ambiance in any room with innovative touch controls.

With no open flame, soot or wax drips, the candle is safe around children and pets. 300 hours of run-time with three energy-efficient LEDs and a convenient four-hour automatic timer.

Glas Flameless Candle Holder

Appreciate a flicker of a candle that is safe, functional, stylish and energy efficient. No open flame, soot or wax drips which makes the candle safe to use around children and pets.

300 hours of run-time with three energy-efficient LEDs and a convenient four-hour automatic timer.

Glas Task Light

When you need light directed in a specific location, this task light provides the adjustable, directional LED light for everything from paper work to important hobbies.

Includes high-low brightness settings, an adjustable shade to direct light and energy-efficient LEDs. It’s safe to the touch with less heat than an incandescent or halogen bulb and includes a two-year limited warranty.

Glas Under Cabinet Light

Add light to your kitchen, workshop or other small spaces without hardwiring. Connect up to seven under-cabinet lights for more coverage. With all connected lights in the “on” position you will control the entire series by using the on/off switch of the first light.

Each six-inch light includes six energy efficient LEDs, an A/C powered five-foot cord and a 24” connector cord for multiple lights. Easily installs with included mounting screws and mounts under cabinets or small spaces.